Good Governeces

Organization’s Good Governance:- Good governance is the basic form of accountability and is transparent to their community, stakeholders and staff. It is one of the most important components of maintaining transparency in the organization and strengthening the organization for long run. Organization has maintained transparency, responsibility accountability, participation and responsive to the needs of the people.
I-Organization management:- Shiksha Sangh invites all the staff and key member for designing effective working policy of the organization with the motive to work in free environment. The policies are designed to keep the friendly working environment of the organization.
II-Financial Monitoring and Formulation:-The Key staff and Executive body does regular financial monitoring of the programme and office administration. Proper bills and vouchers have been maintained and verified by the Secretary and Financial Controller. The organization has separate account according to the different project.
> Income and expenditure/ Project expenditure:-Account Department has maintained the financial record of income and expenditure, receipts and payment. Organization is using tally system for updating all the income and expenditure, receipts and payment statement according to the project. Proper bills and vouchers and various accounts book have been maintained manually also for further records and reference. Organization is having good fundraising system through telecalling, conducting awareness programme, local donation, publication and these funds get utilized for welfare fund (health support programme, school and education sponsorship programme) which is self supported by Shiksha Sangh.
Auditing Organization does annual auditing of the organization and the project. Separate auditing also takes place according to the ongoing and completed projects.
III- Human Resource Management:-Organization has maintained HR, Women, Child protection and finance policy for the development of the staff and personnel and for the beneficiaries of the programme. These policies have been applied by the organization.
IV- Financial report and management:- An internal and external review mechanism monitors the programme implementation. The executive committee level also reviews the internal mechanism along with the governing committee and the project personnel. Local committees are also involved to monitor the progress of the project. Organization has also involved community based participatory monitoring specially in the development programme. The secondary stakeholder involvement in the monitoring of the project, the target group and the higher officials concerned. Various programmatic reports helps in monitoring the project, every month a staff meeting has been organized to monitor the direction of the progress.
Project Documentation:-The organization prepares report of the activities undertaken and the goals accomplished during the given time duration and the shortcomings met, if any. The success and progress of the project are also recorded timely. An annual report has been prepared by the end of each year highlighting the achievements. Report writing has been supported by photo-documentation of various events.
Financial report and management:- The financial reports such as monthly records of income expenditure and annual audit reports have been maintained. Regular reporting system helps the staff to access the progress of implementation and if project results are being achieved as planned. The annual report and finical report has been updated every year according to the programme.